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Training: One Month In

After a month of light training, how am I getting on?

Training: One Month In
Photo by Greg Rosenke / Unsplash

I've been training with a personal trainer for a month, so I thought I'd check in here and track some progress. I've been doing 30-minute sessions until now, but I start 1-hour sessions this Friday, so it feels like a natural point to do this.

If you haven't read the why, here it is:

Starting With A Personal Trainer
I’ve started training with a personal trainer. But why?

I now weigh 2kg more than I did when I started. This is largely down to me eating more. I'm eating breakfast & lunch every single day, and have massively increased my protein intake with the help of a mass gainer shake.

I'm drinking water. Note I didn't say more water. My liquid intake for years was a single coffee in the morning, maybe a small glass of something fizzy with lunch, and a beer or two after dinner. I now have at least 2 pints of water a day, and I'm trying to get this to 4. With the weather getting warmer, this should be easy.