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Training: One Month In

After a month of light training, how am I getting on?

Training: One Month In
Photo by Greg Rosenke / Unsplash

I've been training with a personal trainer for a month, so I thought I'd check in here and track some progress. I've been doing 30-minute sessions until now, but I start 1-hour sessions this Friday, so it feels like a natural point to do this.

If you haven't read the why, here it is:

Starting With A Personal Trainer
I’ve started training with a personal trainer. But why?

I now weigh 2kg more than I did when I started. This is largely down to me eating more. I'm eating breakfast & lunch every single day, and have massively increased my protein intake with the help of a mass gainer shake.

I'm drinking water. Note I didn't say more water. My liquid intake for years was a single coffee in the morning, maybe a small glass of something fizzy with lunch, and a beer or two after dinner. I now have at least 2 pints of water a day, and I'm trying to get this to 4. With the weather getting warmer, this should be easy.

I'm also doing some simpler exercises at home to keep momentum. I have some old weights and I've been replicating some of what we do in sessions at home. I'm always asking questions about what muscles are targeted with different exercises, so when doing them myself, I know I'm doing it right.

I'm also trying to run more. My distance is very short right now, 0.5km, but it's a step in the right direction and further helps with that momentum.

We'll probably do a fitness test in a few weeks, so that'll give me some solid numbers to report on and compare with in a few months.